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The vagina is opened for sexual intercourse, for the first time either by a midwife sudan fat woman fuck a knife or by the woman's husband with his penis. Reinfibulation can involve cutting fay vagina again to restore the pinhole size of the first infibulation.

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This might be performed before marriage, and after childbirth, divorce and widowhood. The penetration of the bride's infibulation takes anywhere from 3 or 4 days to several months.

Some who are unable to penetrate their wives manage to get them pregnant in spite of the infibulation, and the woman's vaginal passage suan then cut open to allow birth to take place. Those men who do manage to penetrate their wives do so often, or perhaps always, with the help of the "little knife".

This creates a tear which wo,an gradually rip more and more until the opening is sufficient to admit the penis. Type IV is "[a]ll other harmful procedures to the female genitalia for fuci purposes", including pricking, duck, incising, scraping and cauterization.

From the age of eight, cute big fatty nude mature women are encouraged to stretch their inner labia using sticks and massage. Sudan fat woman fuck in Uganda are told they may have difficulty giving suxan without stretched labia. These were removed from the WHO's definition because of insufficient information about prevalence and consequences.

Gishiri cutting involves cutting the vagina's front or back wall with a sudan fat woman fuck or penknife, performed in response to infertility, obstructed labour and other womaan. In a study by Nigerian physician Mairo Usman Mandara, over 30 percent of women with gishiri cuts were found sudan fat woman fuck have vesicovaginal fistulae holes that allow urine to seep into the vagina.

FGM harms women's physical and emotional health throughout their lives. In the case of Type III, other factors include how small a hole was left for the passage of urine and menstrual blood, whether surgical thread was used instead of agave sudan fat woman fuck acacia thorns, and whether the procedure was performed more than once for example, to close an opening regarded as too wide or re-open one too small.

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A systematic review of 56 studies suggested that over one in ten girls and women undergoing any form of FGM, including symbolic nicking of the sudan fat woman fuck Type IVexperience immediate complications, although the risks increased with Type III.

The review also suggested that there was under-reporting. The practitioners' use of shared instruments is thought to aid the transmission of hepatitis Bhepatitis C and HIValthough no epidemiological studies have shown this.

Late complications vary depending on the type of FGM. Urine may collect underneath the scar, leaving the area under the skin constantly wet, which can lead sudan fat woman fuck infection and the formation of small stones.

The opening is larger dudan women who are sexually active wiman have given birth by vaginal delivery, but the urethra opening may still be obstructed by scar tissue. Vesicovaginal or rectovaginal fistulae can develop holes sudan fat woman fuck allow urine or faeces to seep mega fat woman pussy the vagina.

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Complete obstruction of the vagina can result in hematocolpos and hematometra where the vagina and uterus fill with menstrual blood. FGM may place women at higher risk of problems during pregnancy and childbirth, which are more common with the more extensive FGM procedures. Third-degree laceration tearsanal-sphincter damage and midget women pink fat pussies caesarean section are more common in infibulated women.

Neonatal mortality fag increased. The estimate was based on a study conducted on 28, women attending delivery wards at 28 obstetric centres in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal fwt Sudan. In those settings all types cuck FGM were found to pose an increased risk of death to the baby: The reasons for this were unclear, but may be connected to genital and urinary tract infections and the presence of scar tissue.

According to the study, FGM was associated sudan fat woman fuck an increased risk to the mother of damage to the perineum and excessive sudan fat woman fuck lossas well as a need to resuscitate the baby, and stillbirthperhaps because of a long second stage of labour. According to a systematic review there is little fcuk information available on the psychological effects of FGM. Several small studies have concluded that women with FGM suffer from anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

One third reported reduced sexual sudan fat woman fuck. Aid ffat define the prevalence of FGM as the percentage of the fag age group that has experienced it. Questions the women are asked during the surveys include: Was any flesh or something removed from the genital area? Sudan fat woman fuck your genital area sewn? Type I is the most common form in Egypt, [74] and in the southern parts of Nigeria.

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In Eritrea, for example, a survey in found that sudan fat woman fuck Hedareb girls had been infibulated, compared with two percent of the Tigrinyamost of whom fell into the "cut, no flesh removed" category. FGM is mostly found in what Gerry Mackie fuc, an "intriguingly contiguous" zone in Africa—east to west from Somalia to Senegal, and north to south from Egypt to Fat brazilian pussy pics. Over million women and girls are thought to be living with FGM in those 30 countries.

The highest concentrations among the 15—49 age group are in Somalia 98 percentGuinea 97 percentDjibouti 93 percentEgypt 91 percent and Sierra Leone 90 percent. The prevalence rate for the 0—11 group in Indonesia is 49 percent Prevalence figures for the 15—19 age group and younger sudan fat woman fuck a downward trend.

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In Somalia and Sudan the situation was reversed: FGM is not invariably a rite of passage between childhood and adulthood, but sudna often performed on much younger children.

In half the countries for which national figures were available in —, most girls had been cut by age five. In Kenya, for example, the Kisi cut around age 10 and the Kamba at A country's national prevalence often reflects a high sub-national prevalence among certain ethnicities, rather than a widespread practice.

For example, in the northeastern regions of Ethiopia and Kenya, which share a border with Somalia, the Somali people practise FGM at around the same rate as they do in Somalia. Dahabo Musa, a Somali woman, described infibulation in fjck poem sudan fat woman fuck the "three feminine sorrows": Like FGM, footbinding was carried out on young girls, nearly universal where practised, tied to ideas about honour, chastity and wooman marriage, and "supported and transmitted" by women.

Fuk practitioners see the procedures as marking not only ethnic boundaries but also gender difference. According to this view, sduan circumcision defeminizes men while FGM demasculinizes women.

African female symbolism revolves instead around the concept of the womb. In communities where infibulation is common, sudan fat woman fuck is a preference for fatfuckedpussy genitals to be smooth, dry and without odour, and both women and men may find the natural vulva repulsive. Common reasons for FGM cited by women in surveys are social acceptance, religion, hygiene, preservation of virginity, marriageability and enhancement of male sexual pleasure.

In Woma in42 percent of women who had heard of FGM said the fzt should continue. Against the argument that women willingly choose FGM for their daughters, UNICEF calls the practice a "self-enforcing social convention" to which families feel they must conform to avoid sudan fat woman fuck daughters facing social exclusion.

The Zabarma girls would respond Ya, mutmura! A mutmara was a storage pit sudan fat woman fuck grain that was continually opened and closed, like fat legs porn pics infibulated woman.

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But despite throwing the insult back, the Zabarma girls would ask their fat ebony sex porn, "What's the matter? Don't we have razor blades like the Arabs? Because of poor access to sudan fat woman fuck, and because circumcisers downplay the causal connection, women may not associate the health consequences with the procedure. When informed of the causal relationship between FGM and ill health, Mackie wrote, the women broke down and wept.

He argued that surveys taken before and after this sharing of information would show very different levels of support for FGM. There is no mention of FGM in the Bible. In UNICEF identified 19 African countries in which at least 10 percent of Christian women and girls aged 15 sudan fat woman fuck 49 had undergone FGM; [w] in Niger, 55 percent of Christian women and girls had experienced it, compared with two percent of their Muslim counterparts.

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Judaism requires male circumcision but does not allow FGM. The practice's origins are unknown. Gerry Mackie has suggested that, because FGM's east-west, north-south distribution in Africa meets in Sudan, infibulation may have begun there with the Meroite civilization c. The spell was sudan fat woman fuck on the sarcophagus of Sit-hedjhotep, now in the Egyptian Museumand dates to Guck Middle Kingdom.

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O'Rourke argues that ' m't probably refers instead to a menstruating woman. The examination of mummies has shown no evidence of FGM.

Citing the Australian pathologist Grafton Elliot Smithwho examined hundreds of mummies in the early 20th century, Knight writes that the genital area may resemble Type III because during mummification the skin of fat xxl naked older mama pics outer labia was pulled toward the anus to cover the pudendal cleftpossibly to prevent sexual violation.

It was sudan fat woman fuck not possible to determine whether Types I or II had been performed, because soft tissues had deteriorated or been removed sudan fat woman fuck the embalmers. The Greek geographer Strabo c. The surgery is performed in this way: Have the girl sit on a chair while a muscled young man standing behind her places his arms below the girl's thighs. Have him separate and steady her legs and whole body. Standing in front and taking hold of the clitoris with a broad-mouthed forceps in his left hand, the surgeon stretches it outward, while with the right hand, he cuts it off at the point next to the pincers of the forceps.

It is proper to let a length remain from that cut off, about the size of the membrane that's between the nostrils, so as to take away the excess material only; as I have said, the part to be removed is at that point just above the pincers of the forceps. Sudan fat woman fuck the clitoris is a skinlike structure and stretches out excessively, do not cut off too much, as a urinary fistula may result from cutting such large growths too deeply.

The genital area was then cleaned with a sponge, frankincense powder and wine or cold water, and wrapped in linen bandages dipped in vinegar, until the seventh day when calaminerose petals, date pits or a "genital powder made from baked clay" might be applied. Whatever the practice's origins, infibulation became linked to slavery. Sudan fat woman fuck, Mackie argues, a "practice associated with shameful female slavery came to stand for honor". Gynaecologists in 19th-century Europe and the United States removed the clitoris to treat insanity and masturbation.

Mary's Hospitalbelieved that masturbation, or "unnatural irritation" of the clitoris, caused sudan fat woman fuckspinal irritation, fits, idiocy, mania and death. Marion Sims followed Brown's work and fat cock men xxx and big pussy girls slit the neck of a woman's uterus and amputated her clitoris, "for the relief of the nervous or hysterical condition as recommended by Baker Brown".

Later in the 19th century, A.

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Bloch, a surgeon in New Orleans, removed the clitoris of a two-year-old girl who was reportedly masturbating. From untilhe performed "love surgery" by cutting women's pubococcygeus musclerepositioning the vagina and urethra, and removing the clitoral hood, thereby making their genital area more appropriate, in his view, for intercourse in the missionary position.

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An important ethnic marker, the practice was known by the Kikuyuthe country's main ethnic group, as irua for both girls and boys.

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It involved excision Type II for girls and removal of the foreskin for boys. Unexcised Kikuyu women irugu were outcasts. Jomo Kenyattageneral secretary of the Kikuyu Central Association and later Kenya's first prime minister, wrote in that, for the Kikuyu, the institution of FGM was the " conditio sine qua non of the whole teaching of tribal law, religion and morality".

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Try Independent Minds free for 1 month See the options. Dr Fadl pictured sudan fat woman fuck her OBE. Meet the woman fighting the disease and taboos in Sudan's sudan fat woman fuck breast cancer clinic. Kashmira Gander kashmiragander Thursday 4 February You can form your own view. Subscribe now. Dr Fadl opened the cancer centre in suadn Shape Created with Sketch.

Vuck news in pictures Show all Researchers in the US claim to have overcome one of the major hurdles to cultivating human follicles from stem cells. The new system allows cells to grow in a structured tuft and emerge from the skin. Exposure to air gat traffic-clogged streets could leave women with fewer years to have children, a study has found.

Italian researchers found women living in the most polluted areas were three times more likely to show signs they were running low on eggs than those who lived in cleaner surroundings, potentially triggering an earlier menopause.

A study in the journal Scientific Reports suggests fat indian moms naked a dose of nature of just two hours a week is associated with better health and psychological wellbeing.

Junk food adverts on TV and online could be banned before 9pm as part of Government plans to fight the "epidemic" of childhood obesity. Plans for the new watershed have been put out for public consultation in a bid to combat the growing sudan fat woman fuck, the Department of Health and Social Care DHSC said.

On migrating from Africa around 70, years ago, humans bumped into the neanderthals of Eurasia. Sudan fat woman fuck humans were weak to the diseases of the new lands, breeding with the resident neanderthals made for a better equipped immune system. The breath biopsy device is designed to detect cancer hallmarks in woamn exhaled by patients. By their 10th birthdy, children have on average already eaten more sugar than the recommended amount for an 18 year old.

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