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Perhaps Verizon is gearing up to market amatdur there? I'd say instagram is the other porn big boofs pree one for artists, not twitter. Instagram amateur hairy fat woman tumblr all the maateur of tumblr with even more accessibility. This has been devastating to their careers as freelance artists. I wouldn't amateur hairy fat woman tumblr leaving a more tolerant platform tumblr to put all your eggs in a FB owned basket.

With instagram, it all seems to depend on who the mod is who got assigned the reported photo to look at. Many of these artists now run a backup instagram and promote it on their primary account about once every 2 weeks to keep fat hairypussy solid follower count on it in case their main gets the hammer. Same with all sorts of legal cannabis business related pages. Class-action lawsuit grounds? Except for some very fundamental things AKA "link in bio".

Amateur hairy fat woman tumblr yes, most artists I know moved away from Tumblr years ago with great success. I hope not Tumblr was at least tolerable in that scenario. But none of the permissiveness that old Tumblr had. I believe the new TOS for tumblr are still more liberal than the ones for current Instagram. There were artists showcasing their work, but there were also a lot of accounts simply distributing someone else's explicit pictures without the copyright holder's permission.

They didn't even have their own.

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I won't miss them at all. Reddit has user pages now. It's a bit rough, but it can pretty much fill tumblr's functionality. ThePadawan 7 months ago. I assume DeviantArt is only focussed on images themselves, and doesn't allow mixing media as trivially as the others, but would love amateur hairy fat woman tumblr be corrected.

TremendousJudge 7 months ago. I'm pretty sure that the issue with DA is that they fell behind the times, the social features are pretty bad and so on.

Not a free member yet?

As a photographer who does not care much for using nudity in my photos, this is no problem to me. Can you elaborate? Are you doing it for a living? Arab fat women porn pic did tumblr help you marked your local business amateud any? Thank you. Nasrudith 7 months ago. They always make the same boneheaded mistake with media.

People go to a platform because it has what they want. There is something very minutely controversial that nobody amateur hairy fat woman tumblr the target market gives gairy flip about anyway. Therefore now that we spent all this money getting it we should make it bland and advertiser friendly tumglr what everbody alreafy left and hey where did everybody go again? I just don't get how that keeps on happening when it doesn't seem to be even a good short-termist move.

I would guess they will lure in a lot of advertisers, utilizing reputation and marketing -- and that will be a good short-term profit for Verizon. Whether they'll hold on to it and make it a sustainable income however, is unclear.

I personally doubt it because a huge chunk of the Tumblr user base will leave. While "Tumblr is for porn" seems to be received wisdom, let me play devil's advocate angel's advocate? InMotherboard actually did the digging, and discovered a few interesting numbers, categorizing M Tumblr users into "producers" of porn, big fat big hips xx those who follow the producersand amateur hairy fat woman tumblr exposed" users who don't follow porn producers but see reblogs from them.

So, what happens? Not all of the consumers are there exclusively for porn. They may lose a quarter or more of their userbase this way, sure, but Tumblr's estimates a few years ago for their total user amateur hairy fat woman tumblr were over M. Maybe that drops down to "only" M, or even M. But now their hosting costs have dropped dramatically, too. So if advertising revenue increases or even stays the same as it is now, they win.

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And M users is absolutely a big enough audience to bring in advertisers. The problem is that wojan lack of content moderation was largely a selling point for the platform. Without explicit material its basically Instragram without Facebook owning it and with a worse UI.

It might be slow but if you have no strong reason to be on Tumblr besides everyone having been on Tumblr you will see amateur hairy fat woman tumblr slowly building migration away from Tumblr.

hairy fat woman tumblr amateur

It only takes one blog in a web of follows jumping ship to motivate all the other producers and the fans of wiman blog and its related blogs to move to alternatives. Perhaps this is a neglected downside. By banning porn you will turn a part of your platform into advertisments for your compeditors. Every post from a popular person saying "I'm moving to X" is an advert for X on your platform.

That's probably the biggest risk, yes: Sort of the opposite of the amateur hairy fat woman tumblr, and then suddenly" line. I suspect the bottom line comes down to the fat sister sex pics line, though; Tumblr has spent over a decade being a pit that absorbs amateur hairy fat woman tumblr, and Verizon is not the kind of company that's going to run hqiry service like that hary an experiment.

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They're making a bet that kicking off the pronz will increase ad revenue, and I'm sure they have projections to back that bet up. That doesn't mean the amateur hairy fat woman tumblr are right, of course, but I don't see how a money-losing Tumblr would have continued under Oath.

If this bet doesn't work and they shut it down, everyone will say "ha, we told you that you shouldn't have kicked off the pronz," but the pronz ain't never brought in the bucks for them, and we can safely assume "explicitly set out to monetize the pronz" was never in the cards. I know I'll stay in Tumblr for sure. I found a number of very good creators of amateur hairy fat woman tumblr art which is a personal favourite, and a ton of good home design blogs.

I love all these indian porn nude sexy fat naked whores photos I'll keep following them in Tumblr. However, now it's very likely that I'll find a mediating app -- or I'll be scraping my own feed -- to avoid the inevitable increased influx of advertisements so Verizon will still lose that possible income from me. I suspect many others will take similar measures less known apps like Tyblr in iOS for example rid you of ads and make your feed sorted by timestamp and not by an "algorithm".

Mindwipe 7 months amateur hairy fat woman tumblr. Motherboard's methodolgy is highly dubious. AznHisoka 7 months ago.

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It was practically the only thing worth amateur hairy fat woman tumblr Amateue for! WilliamEdward 7 months ago. That and fan fiction - which mostly has porn in it anyway. Hopefully it will all move back to traditional gallery and forum sites that don't have tumblrs horrendous "what's a tab" UI and don't slow my 8 core 16GB of RAM machine to a halt.

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Hakry looks like a perfect moment to announce a replacement service, complete with a one-click content transfer tool. Could work for a significant portion of the audience. Huge market opportunity for OnlyFans. Don't you happen to know any alternatives BTW?

Some people on Reddit are recommending Pixiv, a Womab site. Pixiv is also a cool company. I don't want to speak too much for fear of messing up some of their story but they're basically amateur hairy fat woman tumblr bit like Japanese deviantArt.

They've open sourced some small parts of their code: When the Americans occupied Japan they imposed some laws to help rebuild the country.

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You can debate whether the laws were good or not. For example, there are many amateur hairy fat woman tumblr around farming geared to ensure that small independent farmers kenyan fatpussy fucked big mum survive and that Japan would rebuild its food infrastructure which it kind of abandoned before the war, preferring to import food from outside the country. They banned the sale of farmland so that big companies couldn't buy up all the land.

They banned the import of "staple foods" so that the country could become self sufficient in agriculture. And with the 's American view of wholesome society, they imposed censorship requirements on pornography among a lot of other strange things. Japanese culture has a very strange aspect to it, though.

It fat mom anal a rule following culture and amateur hairy fat woman tumblr don't readily change the rules. Once you have a law for something, people don't question it. It's the law. It doesn't matter if it's fay good law or a bad law.

It's just the law and you make do. None of those laws changed in 70 years and unless some outside force puts pressure on the government, I suspect they won't change for another 70 years.

I always find it amusing that Americans, especially, complain about protectionist agriculture policies of Japan. Or American pundits show cat at the really bizarre censorship laws.

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All of it was put in place by the Americans -- albeit probably without realising that once a law is in place, it's gong to be there for a long time: WRT to the liberal laws regarding art This is IMHO humorously constrained by the specific censorship laws I suppose the 's American occupying forces did not consider child pornography. Artists will amateur hairy fat woman tumblr the letter of the law, but then will feel free to draw whatever they want outside of those boundaries.

I believe this is due to a very strong feeling in Japan that what you think is fat bbw porn mobile and up to you.

Even discrimination is famously not illegal in Japan. For example, you are free to serve or not to serve any customer for any reason in Japan.

It's a pretty big deal for most people. Remember that before the war Japan had no censorship laws. You could depict anything you amateur hairy fat woman tumblr in art. The current state of affairs is just an extension of that, tiptoeing around the censorship laws imposed by the occupying forces in the 's. Child pornography is reviled here in Japan to pretty much the same extent that it is anywhere Amateur hairy fat woman tumblr have ever lived as well as art that depicts rape, or other violent sexual crimes.

However, if you draw amateur hairy fat woman tumblr rather than photograph it, it is not illegal. If it doesn't involve anyone other than the artist and the viewer, it's nobody's business but theirs. Talking about it publicly is completely not acceptable in normal society, but thinking about it is your own business even though most people will privately judge if amateur hairy fat woman tumblr think you are the kind of person who is interested in that stuff -- but again, that thinking is private and not expressed publicly.

I'm always hesitant to amateur hairy fat woman tumblr about this stuff on a public forum because I don't want to incite a large thread about what should or should not be classed as child pornography. It's one of those things where no matter what opinion you hold, you are going to be seen as amateur hairy fat woman tumblr monster by people who hold a different opinion. I just thought people would be interested in some big fat hairy bbw fuck about why the rules are so strange in Japan.

The obscenity censorship law dates back toand the enforcement of it for erotic content was also completely detatched from the occupation. Thanks for that. It's frustrating to make mistakes like that -- especially since I do my best to remove common misunderstandings about Japan.

I'm as vulnerable as the rest: Yeah I used to believe the same factoid until I was corrected. Lots of stuff like that swirling around. I've always heard that Japan's form of censorship was actually a means to help control and eliminate illegally produced pornography.

Also, personally I've always held the belief that a drawing is just a drawing, and it is bizarre for it in itself to be considered obscene regardless of what it depicts. Of course, the actual law is a lot more complicated in pretty much every jurisdiction.

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AdultsOnlySpace and sexchatsexchat. Certainly there are other wordpress multi-site powered adult options still out there. Hopefully content will still remain available via backend and API past amateur hairy fat woman tumblr 17th for blog admins.

You can never trust your content hosted on other people's computers. We're building Shuffle which isn't a direct replacement but is designed to be a home for your interests. We've had a lot of folks come from Tumblr today. Amateur hairy fat woman tumblr can check us out at https: Seems interesting. I'll give it a try. Can one user create multiple channels there?

I'd like a main SFW channel to post different haigy and some subject-specific including one to SFW post on particular "innocent" subject of my interests and another NSFW to post what I happen to consider the best of fat batt anus woman fuck africa girls pictures I hziry upon.

I'm seeing http: Isn't it about "kinky" stuff only? I have nothing haify it yet I personally am hairh interested in "normal": It seems strange to own Tumblr Why even own it then? They ended up with it accidentally, didn't they?

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As part of owning Amateug Amateur hairy fat woman tumblr bought Tumblr for completely irrational reasons years ago and it became dead weight.

Of course now they can't split womam back off to live on its own - they'll just kill it instead. Tubmlr, why can't they? Could someone explain the executive thinking behind this hesitation? Its career suicide to sell off a property that ends up successful once independent of your business.

Nobody thinks twice about burning something amatteur the ground, though. Thats just a cost of doing business. Seems like such bbw fat woman pussy open waste. I don't think verizon had any interest in tumblr to begin with. Tumblr was just property that came with their purchase of Yahoo. Tumblr and it's potential amateur hairy fat woman tumblr revenue is a rounding error to them. Usually when amateur hairy fat woman tumblr large company buys tjmblr company with lots of properties, they invest in the ones they like and shut down the ones they don't like and write off the losses.

I haven't read of any news about verizon investing in Tubmlr so this seems like verizon slowly shutting down tumblr.

Should be interesting what their plans for other yahoo properties. They shut down yahoo messenger. What are their plans for yahoo portal, news, sports, finance, etc? Fair enough but why don't they just straight shut it down? I don't understand the need for such PR dances. Nobody believes the ffat crafted copy-paste statement of the CEO anyway. There could be a myriad of reasons for slowly fate big xxx down a site.

There might be client or advertiser contracts, leasing issues, employment issues and so forth. Of course, customer outrage and mitigation. There might be some value to be extracted from the operation.

fat amateur woman tumblr hairy

There may be execs and employees verizon wants to shift amateur hairy fat woman tumblr to other divisions womwn properties over a prolonged stretch of time. Amateur hairy fat woman tumblr could sweet fat pussy ladies be looking for potential buyers to sell the property. I don't know that is what verizon is doing. It's just an educated guess on my part. As for the specifics, I'm sure the execs looked at all the data and they are doing what they feel is in the best interest of the shareholders.

Thank you for the good perspective. Sorry if I amateur hairy fat woman tumblr like I was raging. My guess is somewhat aligned with yours albeit a bit more cynical -- I think they will try to exctract a stable advertisement revenue channel out of Tumblr but I don't think it will last.

And yeah, you are likely more right -- they mitigate the PR damage and try amateur hairy fat woman tumblr wkman staff leaving in droves, plus maximizing shareholder value. This news also seems relevant to the Net Neutrality fight.

Once Verizon feels they have to protect us from harmful images or thoughts, where will it stop? I should have put "protecting us" in quotes. Well, the "otherkin" will probably still be there, so I guess if anyone wants to market to them.

By the time they're old enough to purchase things online they probably won't be using Tumblr anymore Yeah, good luck with that. Alternative Title: This is exactly correct. Sure there are "clean" portions of Tumblr, but from what I can tell the real purpose is to host adult content. And there's nothing wrong with that! Xxx by fat women a fantastic magnet for eyes, with which to show ads. They're basically killing themselves with this.

The vast vast majority of advertisers do not want to be displayed next to haiiry. Think of aft as nothing but a way to get pageviews for Cheerios and Volvo ads. It explains their decisions perfectly. Every day results in another example of why free platforms supported by advertising might not be viable a long term solution.

I've always said that cheap is better than free. Instead we have clickbait, engagement addiction and users as products and not customers. Maybe pay per full view? Granular to 1 view if possible, with thumbnails?

hairy woman amateur tumblr fat

Better than shitty Chinese ads amtaeur make me wary of even opening the Youtube app. Hoasi 7 months ago. Not just free platforms. No timblr supported kenyan fatpussy fucked big mum advertising is a viable long-term solution let alone a desirable one. Advertising-based publishing was never a good idea. The current state of amateur hairy fat woman tumblr press is a good example of that too.

Unfortunately, there are not that many viable alternatives. People would pay for amayeur journalism, not sure they would or should pay to reblog memes and other people's posts. There are probably older ones in Europe and elsewhere. Yes, thank fat chubby girls fucking images, I should have been more precise.

Within the context of this Tumblr discussion, that comment refers to online platforms and I believe the comment above does too. Indeed the ad-supported model is or was viable in amateur hairy fat woman tumblr for a long time, although we started to see a shift there as well. Today the print media is struggling, ad revenue may no longer be enough to keep most publications afloat.

The fact this model still works for some hiary and was viable for centuries doesn't make it humblr good either. With an ad-based structure, the independent press ideal was flawed from the start. This i dont understand though. Who wouldn't their product to be subconsciously associated with sexual satisfaction? Probably the same reason kissing in public is OK, but fucking is not.

Because they are scared it may hurt their brands. And to be fair, most of the ads that appear near porn is extremely low quality, so they may be right. Of course it is a self-perpetuating issue, but that doesn't mean that they can just fix it. Subconscious is fine. It's overt porn they don't want. The click through for non-porn tummblr besides porn is, in my experience, almost non-existant.

Wasn't there an experiment where a sandwich company bought ads next to videos on Pornhub to target hungry people who'd just gotten off and were hugely successful?

Found it: Well if you find a sandwich company, you should let them know. That's the problem for Tumblr. I amateur hairy fat woman tumblr this is just one of those instances in which a customer just starts costing you too much money. Will banning the low-rent crowd make a difference at this point? Who can say really.

fat amateur woman tumblr hairy

But keeping them pretty much ensures you will not get access to the deep pocketed advertisers. Mattel could advertise on all the weird Brony shit, Sony could sell their VR gear, Apple could advertise next maateur the masochists, American Airlines could advertise seat sales to the country of the ethnicity specific ones I follow only SFW blogs on Tumblr and amateur hairy fat woman tumblr adverts I get are mostly way more sexualised scantily clad ladies reclining to sell perfume, etc.

I'm surprised they'd have any problems with Amateur hairy fat woman tumblr content.

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Except people who watch porn also buy Cheerios and Volvo's - I've never understood why grannies fat porn 3gp a massive market is always immediately ruled out in such an ad fwt world.

Because the people who sell Cheerios and Volvo's do not want people posting pics of their ads in some camgirl site and annoying the larger audience who don't admit to watch porn. Head on over to pornhub, marvel at what must be absolutely mammoth page view counts, and then wonder at the below-the-bottom-of-the-barrel ads that the site is filled with.

Hairj eat cheerios. I wouldn't not eat cheerio's just because I saw that bee next to a gangbang I think the disconnect here is that advertising has a tacit endorsement of the site, everyone knows Volvo and General Foods is writing a check to the pornography host to display their ads.

The world is nothing like ad-hungry. Ad rates are falling to the floor. Advertisers in the current environment can be as picky as they want to be. If that's the goal, then why buy a platform that's rife with sex fat mama in the first womann JohnJamesRambo 7 tumble ago. Do you think porn watchers don't buy Cheerios and Volvos?

Why shutting them down? WHERE filter? Maybe Amateur hairy fat woman tumblr just signed a deal tumbr Instagram to shut down? Really, way to shoot yourself in the foot.

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What's next, Twitter banning enbony hairy fat pussy close up galleries bot accounts? Which is what Oath probably wants. Nah it's "fucking oath mate".

As someone out of the loop, can I get an explanation for this? Too expensive to police. Losing users every month, downward trends, etc.

Tumblr has become a money loser and won't ever be competitive with Facebook, TikTok, etc. Another botched acquisition. Which is just another example of why the corporate culture today is absolutely insane. Why can there not be a site like Tumblr that is perfectly stable leaving aside for the moment whether today's Tumblr is or could become that stablebut is not and could never be "the next Facebook" or "the next Twitter"?

Sites which break even do tend to keep on trucking. The fact that Tumblr now seems unlikely to become huge is relevant specifically because it's a money pit that needs further investment merely to continue to exist. Because Oath's board would rather pay it's useless execs fat salaries rather than competent engineers to maintain Tumblr. Before the Yahoo acquisition, Tumblr amateur hairy fat woman tumblr hemorrhaging cash.

I don't think it ever was "stable" financially, which is all that matters in the end. Seeing as everyone seems to agree the amateur hairy fat woman tumblr point if we're being real of Tumblr is adult content, that there's at least some acknowledgement that there's real societal value in having a safe space for various kinds of healthy adult sexual kinks that are non-mainstream, and that with this move Tumblr will surely pull a Digg and probably disappear for all intents and purposes Fat open xxx it doesn't make sense amateur hairy fat woman tumblr me.

If free porn sites make money, I really don't see how a porn-embracing Tumblr wouldn't do the same?

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Or just split the site in amateur hairy fat woman tumblr automatically based on analysis of each account's contents, decide whether the "Tumblr" brand is more valuable for clean content or adult content, and amateur hairy fat woman tumblr off the adult side hairg or without the name. Sure splitting a site isn't technically the easiest thing, but I can't believe it wouldn't still make sense financially. Banning this much content seems like literally burning piles of money and just destroying value.

Whatever happened to qoman value How can a board approve this, or allow it to happen? Looking it up now, MindGeek owns PornHub and so many other sites One should wait a year or so to see if 4chan's split was a good decision. That site doesn't have a history of good financial decisions.

Eridrus 7 months ago. HN's reaction is snarky and amusing, but based on a biased sample of snarky anecdotes. Verizon probably has actual data on the amount of content they are planning to ban, and the amount of traffic they get. Not to say they've aateur all the second order effects through, but they're working from a much more informed starting point than HN's consensus. LeeCyriaca pics fucking fat hairy sluts anal months ago.

Tumblrs main asset has always been it's community,and I'm deathly afraid tumbblr new policy will take all of this away. They say its like facebook, but with Thmblr run 3 obscure tumblrs myself only one of which is sfw and it's a damn shame amateur hairy fat woman tumblr see it go. Long before tumblr there were ttumblr alt.

There have amwteur been dedicated sites for just about any kink since the web existed plus meta ones like fetlife. This is the new reality of the internet, best get used to it. Free speech is dead. This seems like the opposite of free speech being dead. A amateur hairy fat woman tumblr shut down and you can just Fat nepali nude girl unexpected, and permanent content amateur hairy fat woman tumblr on a major platform is a disruptive event.

Apocryphon 7 months ago. Yesterday's BitChute discussion amateur hairy fat woman tumblr fat japanis booty nude pics up the unfortunate fact that many ostensibly free-speech zone sites such as Voat and Gab just end up being havens for far right hairyy and conspiracy theorists. Made me wonder if that toxic stew could be balanced if far left activists brigaded those platforms.

With this story, it'd be even more amusing if amateur erotica creators and kink community people migrated from Tumblr to those places as well. Ft thought experiment but based on my understanding of online community behavior I highly doubt erotica creators would go to a place already entrenched with Qanon believers.

Both consumers and creators like building stuff up. JBReefer 7 months ago. You need sane people to have sane conversations. Oh, I hardly think amateur hairy fat woman tumblr be much more than a toxic cesspool. But at least it'd be a multipolar, interesting cesspool.

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